Travel 1  T-260 / T-290 / T-320

  • Welded inflatable buoyancy tube of classic design, with two hermetically-separated chambers
  • Slatted marine-ply floorboards
  • Integral transom for outboard motor with plastic mounting plate
  • Full outboard guards against scuffing, and keeps inside of boat dry
  • Drain plug in transom
  • Removable wooden seats; ( T-220 and T-240 have one seat other models have two seats)
  • Two oars with rowlocks, and twin tube-mounted oar supports
  • Safety grab-ropes on tubes
  • Bow towing ring
  • Superb boat storage bag contains further bag containing seat(s) and floorboards
  • Foot-pump with valve adaptor
  • Emergency repair kit in plastic container, including material and adhesive
  • Operation manual


  Technical informationT-260T-290T-320
  Overall Length, (Cm) 260290 320
  Overall Width, (Cm) 142145145 
  Diameter Of Buoyancy Tubes, (Cm) 3838


  Quantity Of Airtight Compartments, (Pcs.)22 2
  Carrying Capacity: Max., (Kg)300330 350
  Number Of Passengers: Max., (Pers.)34 4
  Engine Power: Max., (HP) 56
  Engine Weight: Max., (Kg)3038 45
  Weight Of Packed Boat, (Kg)323639 
  Dimensions of Pack, (Cm)85x50x4585x55x45 90x60x45
  CE CategoryDD D